Gunderson, who later coined the phrase Napster Nugget, is not quite the Napster player hater of Kubla Khan's characterization. Gunderson did not devise the Napster Bomb just to frustrate the pop music fans. His Napster Bombs were disguised as songs such as: Aphex Twin - Rocked By Rave (bootleg).mp3 or XTC - Sunshine Bonnet Pylon (bootleg - rare).mp3. The song users would receive was really Rocked By Rape, by Gunderson's own Evolution Control Committee.

Deceptive? Yes. But Gunderson's intentions (see, were to "ensure maximum distribution" of his own Evolution Control Committee song, not to shit on the Napster users' desire for free music. Furthermore, the artists whom he masqueraded as were similar in some regards to his own music, and each mp3 correctly identified in the ID3 as Rocked by Rape (incidentally, Gunderson had problems distributing this track legitimately, after television network CBS threatened to sue Gunderson because the track usese streams of samples of anchor Dan Rather. It's good.)

Napster Bombs do call attention to the fact that Napster is not good code. It's search functions, for instance, are just crap. Remember when etoy hijacked search engines so that anyone searching for the XXX PORN FUCK ASIAN BLOWJOB SUCK COCK PUSSY CUNT sites would find hundreds of links to a lecture about sexism? Very soon thereafter, search engines started getting smarter with metatags, and began to become useful. Napster needs to spend some time getting smarter. Of course Napster has other problems at the moment.