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Ok, this should be include in the [Clues for Newbies] and the [FAQ], along with [Don't Namespace Your Lyrics] and [Cut and Paste Write-Ups Will Die]

Don't [Node] Drunk. The reason being that [inebriation] precludes any serious sort of [cerebration], and [Everything2] is intended to last a long, long time.

What you should do, in fact, is [Node for the ages]. Take [into account] standard [English] rules of [grammar] and [punctuation], as well as typical [American] rules of [decency] and [whatnot].

I would expound on this subject [further] if I were not completely [wine-drunk] on the barbarically cheap [Ecco Domani] ([wine-drunk is good drunk], [irregardless]). Maybe tommorrow I'll have time to fix the typo's and fallacies.

Until then, trust me [Don't Node Drunk].

[Mr. Hotel|Chihuahua Grub]: No, [man]. I love you, man. I mean, you're liek beuatiful.


[Don't Take it personal]. It's all good. I mean we got, like, [Everything]!.

Anyway, what's this thing with [levels] and all this. I mean like, [Acolyte], like [Seer], and shit. Get real. [What I'm talking about] is like: who's the fucking [Jester]? Know what I mean?.

Anyway, like still, it's just not cool cool to [Node while Drunk], even though I do it, [umm], consistently.

But you know, [coolness is just another name for fascism], if you ask me. And man, you do.