Title of a 1971 B&W film directed by Werner Herzog (the English translation of the title: Even Dwarfs Started Small.

The plot, insofar as there is one: crazy dwarfs overpower their midget captors at a desolate jail/insane asylum. During the course of their revolt they: kill, screw, and crucify a monkey. The final scene is memorable: the tiny Hombre (Helmut Döring) laughing at a camel for five minutes.

Now, you fairness advocates for the little people will say that this sounds like dreck, and you'll join the large number of people who hate this film. Herzog is never one to draw lukewarm opinion--even on his sets. After the cast of the film threatened to quit, Herzog promised to jump into a cactus if the dwarfs would only finish the film. The little people allowed him to make dwarfs look afool, he let them watch as he threw himself into a pile of cactus.