OK, I'll admit when it comes to Lord of the Rings I am a geek, I bloody love it. I started to read the book about 2 and a half years ago, and since then I have read it about 30 times. During the summer I learned that the film was coming out, and since December 19th I have seen it 3 times, and it’s bloody marvelous. I owe a hearty and sincere thanks to Peter Jackson (The Director) and to all of the actors and actresses than have come together to make this wonderful film.

However there were one or two things wrong or missed out from it, I'm not complaining, I know that it was a 3 hour film, but some were just little things.

Tom Bombadil- Left him, his wife, Goldberry (daughter of the River)and Old Man Willow out completely, which is a shame as he is quite a colorful character. They also left out the Barrow Wight, which is when the Hobbits first have to cope with an evil being.

Gandalf's Staff- When Gandalf and Saruman had their Wizard's duel in Orthanc, Saruman captured Gandalf's staff, after he escaped he seemed to have it back again.

Cave Troll- Great Graphics, but we saw in the chamber a shaft of sunlight, so the troll should have turned to stone, of course it could have been moonlight. Or it is possible that the Troll was of the Olog-Hai, meaning he could not be turned to stone by sunlight(in the book the troll didn't even come into the room).

Glorfindel-Or the complete lack of him, the great elf lord seems to have been replaced by Arwen, apparently this is to add a bit of romance to the film and so women are included more.

LothLorien- In the book they stay there for a month, in the film, about one day. And as they leave 'pop' they have elven cloaks all of a sudden, and the fellowship were all given gifts in the book. Come on that could only have added say one minute to the film. The different gifts were as follows: Frodo- The phial of Galadriel,
Sam- A box of Earth from Galadriel's garden and a Mallorn nut,
Legolas- A new bow, stronger and longer than those of Mirkwood,
Aragorn- new sheath for his sword, Anduril, and Elessar, a great stone of a clear green that was wrought in the likeness of an eagle with outspread wings,
Merry and Pippin- Silver belts with gold buckles in the shape of golden flowers,
Boromir- A belt of Gold,
Gimli- She offered him any gift he wanted, and he chose a single strand of her hair, so he may set it in a crystal and keep it as an heirloom. (I believe she gave him three of her hairs instead of one).

Bree-lots was missed out here, but I suppose it wasn't essential, e.g. Bill Ferney.

The Birthday Party- Bilbo was meant to have vanished in a flash of light that Gandalf set up, in the film he just vanished.

Athelas- or Kingsfoil, was supposed to have large, flat, broad leaves nearly the length of a palm, here it was a small bunch of leaves which looked like they belonged in a small flower box.

The Ring- In the film when Frodo puts it on he seems confused and doesn't know where he is going, in the book he hearing is meant to be more precise and everything should be more clear.

Rivendell- In the film when Frodo wakes up in Rivendell the balcony is about the height of his waist, just above knee height for an elf, and it wasn't a room especially for hobbits, the bed was too big.

I'm going to go again soon, so I'll probably add a bit more, but thats all for now. And thank-you everyone for the help.