Today my Faith in any kind of Religion has been seriously challenged. Why? Because my cat died. Sounds pathetic doesn't it, but that cat was my fucking cat and he was my friend. He was only 5 years old, nearly 6, and he was happy and healthy. He died of some sudden heart or liver thing- the vet wasn't sure.

No-one had any right to take him away from me, and there was no need to. I am, no was, religious, so as soon as he went to the vets I prayed for him, didn't fucking help. It isn't that I don't really believe in a god, I do, but I just believe that he is one stupid motherfucker.

I prayed, I try in life to do my best, and yes I have a nice house, I go to a good school and I'm not some poor starving kid-but when I need some sort of divine inspiration nothing has ever been there for me, even though I believed.

So fuck you god.

I don't give a shit if you downvote this because you believe in a god- so go ahead, but I'm entitled to my own opinion, and I can say what the fuck I want.