This is the title of track 4 on the second disc of Phish’s Junta album. When the band was looking for material to fill up the Elektra rerelease of their first studio record, they chose this 25 minute, 31 second instrumental jam to go first. It was recorded at some unknown point in 1989 during one of the band’s Oh Kee Pah Ceremonies.

Most Phishheads, even those who cite this album as their favorite, are not big fans of this track. It is generally aimless and shapeless, and often atonal. No version of this “song” has ever been performed live. It would be a grave mistake to assume this jam is typical of Phish’s onstage improvisatory forays. Though their jamming style would undergo major overhauls in the 90’s, most noticeably in mid 1994 and late 1997, what they could accomplish together even back in 1992, when the 2 CD set was distributed by the band’s new label, was far more thrilling than this. No one in the band has ever explained what the title is supposed to mean.