Four song EP released by The Breeders in 1992 on 4AD Records. The first Breeders release after the breakup of The Pixies, it showcases what would become the new Breeders sound, much louder and rougher and poppier. The gentle sparse nature of their first album, Pod, was largely abandoned, but one acoustic guitar still charms the majority of these tracks.

The two middle songs here, the ones not found anywhere else, have an bitter acerbic edge that wouldn't be redoubled on their next album, Last Splash, which the first song would be rerecorded for. Last Splash yielded the top 40 breakthrough Cannonball, which, along with the band's opening for Nirvana on their In Utero tour, would lift them out of the indie rock neighborhood and into the mainstream of "alternative". To me it's a shame, because that bitter wedge of spite sticks in you a lot longer than some of the bouncy fluff to come.

Track list:

  1. Do You Love Me Now?
  2. Don't Call Home
  3. Safari
  4. So Sad About Us

The eponymous third track spends three minutes orbiting around a single abrasive riff. There is no chorus, just changes in amplitude and instrumentation, and a short 4-bar bridge leading into the second verse. The female accusing the male of being too sensitive and clingy isn't something you hear too often in pop music. Delivered in Kim Deal's breathy yet scratchy alto, it's inflammatorily sexy.