A city in the central Puget Sound approximately 30 miles south of Seattle.

Famous for the ever ambient scent well-known as "The aroma of Tacoma" noticed driving Interstate 5 caused by the presence of paper-mills, industry and waste treatment plants in close proximity to the freeway. It is this fact that also earns the city lesser nicknames like: T-town or The armpit of Washington.

Another 'claim' to fame is they are the "America's #1 wired city" (this is perpetually displayed on the Tacoma Dome readerboard visible from I-5)due to the municipal electric company, Tacoma Power, getting into the broadband business by building a fiber-optic infrastructure from scratch and launching Click! Network, providing direct competition with @Home. The first city in America to take on a private cable company.

Tacoma is also the place that was famous for the old Tacoma Narrows Bridge, nicknamed Galloping Gertie* that blew down in a windstorm on November 7th, 1940 due to poor aerodynamic engineering in regards to crosswinds...not to mention it is the K5 logo.

* "Galloping Gertie" is the more historically accurate spelling of the nickname, and there are many references available on Google versus "Galloping Girdy" which there is already an existing writeup on.