(www.songfight.net for information)

Songfight is an organization of amateur (sometimes *very* amateur) musicians who meet weekly to participate in a public competition. The conditions are as follows:

A title will be posted weekly (with any luck), and songfighters will compete to create an original song that fits the title. The song (encoded at 64kbps mono mp3) should then be submitted to the FightMaster via email, so that it may be posted on the website. Everyone then votes on which song they think to be best, and when the next update comes results are given out and the mp3s are sent to the Songfight archive.

Songfights have been going on for over a year now, and since switching to open invitation the site has been steadily gaining popularity. A rather extensive bulletin board community has developed around songfight, as well, as this 'hobby' frequently consumes a great deal of the songfighters' time and effort. All styles of music are represented at one point or another, from the acoustic wailings of Frankie Big Face and the John Benjamin band to the deadly industrial might of former participant Kompressor (who is now making quite a killing in mp3.com earnings, from the looks of things).

Though popularity has taken its toll on the system, as many as twenty submissions sometimes appearing each week, Songfight will hopefully continue to serve the super-lo-fi community for some time to come.

Visit songfight.net (owned by the John Benjamin Band, not Collin of songfight.com) for information on Song Fight and its unofficially related projects.