The primary MBT (Main battle tank) of the British army. An upgrade on the origonal challenger battle tank featuring over 150 improvements. Armed with a 120mm rifled gun, a 7.62mm chain gun and a 7.62mm GPMG. The armour is an upgraded version of chobham making the challenger 2 possibly the best armoured tank in the world
  • Crew 4
  • Length Gun Forward 11.55m;
  • Hull Length 8.3m;
  • Height to Turret Roof 2.49m;
  • Width 3.5m;
  • Ground Clearance 0.5m;
  • Combat Weight 62,500 kgs;
  • Main Armament 1 x 120mm L30 CHARM Gun;
  • Ammunition Carried Typically 50 rounds - APFSDS, HESH, Smoke;
  • Secondary Armament Co-axial 7.62mm chain gun; 7.62mm GPMG Turret Mounted for Air Defence;
  • Ammunition Carried 4000 rounds 7.62mm;
  • Engine Rolls-Royce CV12 with engine management system;
  • Maximum Road Speed 56kph;
  • Average Cross Country Speed 40kph.
Information curtesy of the British Ministry of defence