A website in Freenet.

Basically, a freesite is just a normal website stored in Freenet datacloud. Typically, freesites also get wholly re-uploaded each day. (The exact mechanics behind this are not known to me, and I need to do some more research. You're expected to use some sort of date-based key so that Freenet can find the document based on the same key. Previously, this was done with JavaScript.)

Typically, freesites are accessed through FProxy, a proxy that's visible to the web browser as http://localhost:8081/. Freenet URLs are then appended that, without the leading "freenet:": http://localhost:8081/KSK@Killing_Popup_Windows_In_Mozilla. Freesites, then, usually appear under SSK (Subspace key), generated by the site's "webmaster" - The FProxy URL for Content of Evil freesite, as of writing, is http://localhost:8081/MSK@SSK@9BRxNPeBdBVvWUIJb7etC52nlUUQAgE/ContentOfEvil//.

A Freesite should typically not use external links (links to WWW sites from Freenet sites) or "potentially privacy-compromising" features like JavaScript. In fact, if FProxy finds out the site is about to use such things, it will warn the user. Of course, things like CGI scripts are not supported. However, Freenet does support some bidirectional stuff like key indexes and I heard some madmen even did instant messaging over it - we'll see what the future holds.

Freesites are good in a few ways: First, the content gets mirrored to the nearest nodes automatically (faster access) and the SSK URLs are always incomprehensible, so the silly amerikan kapitalists can forget their silly domain wars. ::grins, ducks, runs like hell::

My first experience with Freesites was when I got to gj's freesite. It was like the WWW back in 1995... Very simple and non-flashy pages, no really good ways to find actual information... but there was one difference: There were no tons of mp3z in WWW back in 1995. =)