Tale of boundless frustration
caused by TVTV! Chat

Yesterday I got xawtv working. Woohoo. Finally, finally, I could watch TV when IRCing.

The cable offers me 12 channels (or at least that many I found with xawtv). 12 channels + IRC = boundless entertainment.

Too bad I IRC at evening and night. Thus, the best thing to watch (and I'm really stretching the word "best" here) was the TVTV! night chat.

So, 12 channels, tricky-to-install TV card, and this f%&#@ing thing was the only thing I could watch with it!

This, this thing was the new peak of my frustration! C'mon!

After this, not even the fact that my "real" writeups get average rep and my daylogs get voted to ionosphere will make me depressed... So if you have rep problems, I can really recommend to try this. =)

This program should banned in universal declaration of human rights or something...