("Speedy Gonzales, about 7 brothers' son")

A Finnish Western movie. Released 1970. Directed by Ere Kokkonen.

Yeah, you heard that right. The country that's probably the least likely country to produce Westerns produced a couple of them - this, and the followup of sorts called Hirttämättömät. Both are "gravel pit westerns", shot in sand pits and places like that.

Speedy's role is played by late Spede Pasanen, the Finnish comedy king. He also played the small role of Moses Gonzales, Speedy's father. Moses gets shot in the beginning of the movie. Speedy rides into the small, small, small town in the West called New York, and starts to investigate the murder. Regrettably, the people of the town aren't entirely cooperative...

The movie pokes fun at the spaghetti westerns and many of the clichés of the westerns in general.

Some memorable scenes:

  • The opening credits. All names are written on crosses on a graveyard... and some rather interesting names are also there. ("John Wayne, b. Rio Grande, d. Vietnam", "Anastasia Romanov", "Mary Poppins")...
  • The "Slowest Gun in Häme" challenges the "Slowest Gun in the World"...
  • Unforgettable Morriconeish soundtrack, including the song "Haaskalinnut Saalistaa" ("Birds of prey ride again")
  • ...and the final showdown, but I won't tell of that!