A tract by Jack T. Chick, published March 1, 2001.

If you've studied Chick's Fundamental world, you've probably guessed by now what city Chick refers to. That's right, Sodom, of course. Time to tell those perverts what Chick God thinks of Good Sexuality and stuff like that.

(As a side note, Niilo Paasivirta recently published an old "Opinion" writing of his, on the same topic, but with word "homosexual" substituted with "heterosexual" - and the so-called truth value didn't change much. Yeah, "straight people can only think of sex." =)

I sort of expected to see this tract, because some time before this tract, chick.com website published another anti-gay rant.

The tract opens with a gay pride parade - or, rather, a parade that was interrupted before we got there. A lone figure stands on the way, carrying a sign. The view is from behind, so we can't see what the sign reads, but the reaction was sort of expected. Random cries from the assembled crowd: "What do you think you're doing?" "You @!!!**! gay basher!" Some even suggest inflictation of lethal damage.

The next picture shows, from front, what the sign says: "Homosexuality is an abomination! See Lev. 20:13".

Two polices then begin inflicting the aforementioned lethal damage upon the signbearer, while other people tell the members of press to not to record that event. Yeah, there is a global gay conspiracy...

So we get to the hospital, 2 days later - people tell mr. Wesley (our significant person) that he's charged with hate crime, and will face a prison sentence. They're willing to drop charges, if he's going to change attitude...

...And here we have something that Chick hasn't (AFAIK) shown us yet: a gay minister. "Hi, I'm Reverend Ray and I'm gay! And Jesus loves me!" ...with an incorporeal, obviously malevolent spiritual entity standing behind him, who seems to prefer to be called Zanah. 2 Cor. 11:14-15 is cited, to remind us that Satan's ministers often pose as God's.

Now, a True Christian is coming to tell the Truth about Things.

While he's approaching the place, Ray tells Wesley about some good points, that God loves us all, and destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was because of their arrogance. During this scene, this Zanah spirit is standing behind Ray.

This shows one big flaw in the theory: Apparently Chick can't argue with "gay ministers" in ethical grounds and can't refute their arguments. So, here comes the spiritual world to help... "You haven't thought about this with your own brains, have you?" the minister says, and Chick refutes it with "Look! There's a Daemon out there that controls you! You're evil!"

So, the True Christian arrives, Exorcises the Zanah thing.

"You forgot about Jude, verse 7. I'm going to pray right now!"

(That, friends, is what I call a good quote. I almost fell off my chair. Hey Chick, you forgot about John 3:16...)

So, this mighty True Christian tells both Ray and Wesley that God Hates Fags and other interesting things.

The rest of the tract is fairly uninteresting and traditional in Chick style - Ray lost his contact lenses and so forth...