Again in BatMUD. Damn, this place is addictive...

Wwwwolf the Wolfman.
Weyfour WWWWolf is just an anthropomorphic wolf.
He is in a good shape.
        Wwwwolf's equipment:
Head: A red smurf-cap
Torso: A typical breastplate
Bracelet: A steel bracelet
Wielded in right paw: A highsteel longsword
Wielded in left paw: A tungsten dagger
Both feet: Tin boots

Cool equipment courtesy of Damogran! Does this suit make me look fat?

Wwwwolf is a level 11 mortal of the Wolfman race.
He was created Thu Oct 14 12:01:14 1999 and he is 6h, 58min and 9s old.
He has been on for 6min and 13s, not idle.
He has killed: a dumb orc reaking of a terrible ste.., 705 exp

Interesting messages:

There is no all in the a fried yolk of Slender sparrowhawk!

Just killed, and already fried! Cool!

I just lllllove these BatMUD's general descriptions of areas:

ssss|sssf  You are walking on a road going north and south. The road is made of
ssss|ssss  stones. There are trees near the road. Above you is a hot, moving,
ssss*ssss  cloudy sky. There is a brisk wind.
ssss+----  Obvious exits are: nw, n, ne, w, e, sw, s and se.


You are prepared to do the skill.
You are finished skinning the corpse.
It didn't quite turn out to be what you wanted.
You create fresh rope.

Damn, now even BatMUD agrees it sometimes has weird stuff in it! =)


OK, so I advanced again one level in BatMUD - to 12.

Session summary:
Time: 1 hour 21 minutes 49 seconds
Experience gained: 2003
Experience lost: 0
Experience spent: 1235
Gold difference: +194
New areas explored: 1
Battle skill summary:
 Hits: 191 Misses: 163 Parries: 0 Ripostes: 0 Stuns: 0
 Criticals: 4 Dodges: 0 Tumbles: 0 Stunned Maneuvers: 0

Strange that hit/miss ratio remains the same. I thought I performed better yesterday. Anyway, I escaped the perillous newbie forest again, this time almost died when wights ambushed me. Scary things, those. =)


Slashdot sounds like it's getting weirder and weirder. I mean, look at what has happened recently: Sega is giving stock to stop pirates, two new PHP books are out, RSA released to public domain, and Jon Katz talks about - now this is unbelieveable - Mage The Ascension.

Ugh. And tomorrow, I expect to see that Donald E. Knuth has released The Fourth.



Tried to hack sirc to make it more colorful (as in "junk the mIRC color crap, but make the interface itself colorful" - but turned out the ssfe (frontend) is "do, or do not" style - either lose control of the entire screen updating mechanism (ie, no status line updates or stuff like that), or strip the control characters. Damn.

Maybe I should make the /gonode function someday, a la the present WWW support... =)

(To be continued.)

Other day logs o' mine...

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