I know, I know, I promised not to do daylogs until "higher levels", but hey, this is sort of a special ocassion.

Three years.

In September 1999, I started studies in University of Oulu.

I had previously noted Slashdot linking to this "everything.blockstackers.org" and they had these odd banner ads in Slashdot too. Darth Vader and Smurfs and Stuff. I didn't know what the hell this site was about... and didn't get much wiser.

Then I noted one of my Biggest Idols, and a friend, was an user.

I followed the example. And became user. And wrote stuff.

"I have seen things you people wouldn't believe...
...and kept on carrying the books, 'cuz that's my job."

Well, it's been three years. My friend is still level 1 and has, I think, logged in once to E2. Can't really blame him, he seems like a busy person. I'm still here, noding as usual. I don't think I have changed much, though. From the beginning, I was mostly taking this business seriously. Well, a thing or two to regret, but that's all past. Now, I just have one thing to say:

I love you, people.

I have to say that as a community, E2 has been one of the nicest I've seen, even though not always a perfect one - but then again, none are. I have, as a whole, very much liked my time here, and I wish that things will be just fine in future.

I have survived another year. I shall survive for all eternity.

My statistics today:
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Lowest and highest rep ever: -6..68
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