(Yesterday I did nothing much worth mentioning. Busy day... I fixed some old Java code of mine to work better, tried out the OO-Browser - and the Code Pet now has a heartBeat(), and it growls less!)


The censored cellphone needs an ek$pen$ive repair. Grrr...

I'm in BatMUD at the moment.

Wwwwolf is a level 9 mortal of the Wolfman race.
He was created Thu Oct 14 12:01:14 1999 and he is 6h, 3min and 17s old.
He has been on for 18min and 2s, not idle.
He has killed: a young goat is fearful, 655 exp
>Fight. Have adventures. Yiff. See places. Talk to people. Pray to the Moon.
>That's my plan, like it or not. =)

The fights are still as outré as they used to be. Some samples:

You butt Nasty rat inducing a minor electrocution.
Huge worm tries to bash you, but promptly falls flat on its face.

...not to even mention that I made "feather leggings" out of chipmunk corpse. Hmmmmmm...


Got to level 11 there... and the invading orcs killed me. First death with this character... =)

Session summary:
Time: 54 minutes 52 seconds
Experience gained: 2422
Experience lost: 297
Experience spent: 1933
Gold difference: +563
New areas explored: 0
Battle skill summary:
 Hits: 147 Misses: 135 Parries: 0 Ripostes: 0 Stuns: 0
 Criticals: 7 Dodges: 0 Tumbles: 0 Stunned Maneuvers: 0
Saving Wwwwolf.
You remove an iron large shield.
You remove an iron club from your right paw.
You remove feathers leggings.
% Connection to BatMUD closed by foreign host.

Bah, E2 is for wussies - as you can see, in BatMUD, I collected 2422 XP in one hour! Beat that! =)


Well, hmm, I spent good hour making Timber Wolf as a vehicle in FurryMUCK. And I'm almost finished - it works, I just drive around with it, and ground shakes. =)

I just have a few MUF/MPI problems with it - mainly that I can drive it around, but I see nothing from the cockpit. I can see (via a MPI hack) the rooms I own, but get permission errors when I go out of my room... and @succ or drive_change isn't the way, because it shows the room I left, not the room I arrived to. The @14118 program to show available exits doesn't work unless called from room...

I wonder if there are cooler programs for drivin' around in the MUCK than Driveto.muf? I hope...


I read from Slashdot that RSA patent went public domain.

Excuse me while I collect my jaw from the floor...

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today and yesterday by y.t.: The Movie oo-browser