Hooray. Woke up at 8, the web server was up - and helpfully it told that the first lecture is at 10 o'clock. >=( Argh.


Read Usenet and such.

So what was the first lecture about? Oooo, we're gonna learn UML and other hairy crap I probably shun in favor of more informal design methods. =) Today it'll be late when I get home... but the end week of the week is kind of free.


Haha, some writeups are just cooler than some others... especially considering the last night's pr0n line commercials.

Gotta fly for a tutorial stuff soon. A la, "how to start Rational Rose through the advanced Windows NT 'Start menu' feature " - or something.


Well, it didn't turn out that nicely... =) It was even simpler: We didn't even touch the computers this time - we used pencil and paper. Yeah. That's how the great computer programs are often designed. (Of course, these days, I rather use Dia...)

And the reason I didn't use the computer was that it, um, didn't start at all. Pushed the power button in the NT class and lo - the row of computers stayed silent. =(

I had this weird idea... I like objects, even when I'm more inclined towards non-OO design. Just don't force me to use C++ for that before I've read that Stroustrup's book. =) So, I like objects, I think they're cool, but I won't use them much in my own programs.

Anyway, I thought of making an object of my own. In Java. One to hug and play with.

(Yes, I'm serious.)

I thought that the name "Code Pet" would be good for it. I thought of naming it "JavaMörkö" (Java Bogey), but then I noticed that umlauts would drop off and the class name would be JavaMorko - and Morko (without the umlauts) was the name of my highschool computer stuff teacher...

Ooookay, maybe this already sounds alarming =)


I'm home now again... and the CodePet has born!

class CodePet {
    private static void say(String what) {

    public static void main(String varg) {

And when i run it, it says:


Awwwww. It's so cute class, but as of yet untamed! I must tame it and teach it more tricks. =)


Hooray, A picture of mine is finally finished, colored and all:

OK, purists, feel free to whine... All comments about the picture are appreciated =)



Java stuff?

Coffee drinking on the roof of Timber Wolf?

I haven't had a single drop of coffee today. Maybe that's why I make this stuff...

Other day logs o' mine...

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