Nothing much...

Spent weekend in Kuhmo once again, helped my father to learn HTML and helped to get the page up and running. To GeoCities. It's all in Finnish, but anyway: http://www.geocities.com/jukka_lankinen/ - if you're interested about how movies came to be in Kuhmo, that's the place to be. =)

Currently, I'm finishing Usenet, will be back later...


All done, and I'm hungry. Not just hungry in traditional sense of the word, but hungry of information... What, if I'm feeling this after listening to morning news, then reading Slashdot and K5, and... well, a lot of stuff, can I be called a news addict?


Frigging headache. Grrmrr it, I'm going home.


Remember that brouhaha about BMG's copy protected CDs? They accomplished this by violating the Red Book slightly, and didn't even bother telling about it to the customers...


...well, for what it's worth, I just napped "Join Me" by the Satanic HIN-orchestra. I think ESR's comment about copy protection is very, very accurate... =)


Yay! My firewall settings let me through, again... I actually guessed correctly which rule needed tweaking. I just needed to move that "make hole for port 80" rules up in the list...

Me goooooood. Me can read ipchains -L output. Rule, meeeee, yes, that meeee does. Mad skillz, d00d. =)

That ipchains --log switch is extremely handy. I just thing gfcc would need some helpful features (like, more logical reordering of chains, now I need to move big bunches around).


Notes to self: Got to node more about cool Usenet history points.

Other day logs o' mine...

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