(Hmm, the day title is uncapitalized today? =)


Yet Another Boring Sunday. I've finished reading news and discussions in many forms, the Kuro5hin armageddon clock ticks at 30:27 as of writing...

Maybe I'll actually node today. Who knows.


Hmm, I have one unconfirmed theory. Got to try that with Ethereal; I'll tell if it works later here... =)



I didn't need much of that Ethereal then... what I found out was this:

Lyrics.ch requires an applet to browse lyrics. It's annoying, because it asks for "plugin-like permissions". Hell, do I want to "Do ActiveX" in Linux? I Don't Think So. Even if I run the applet, the lyrics come too fast for me to follow completely... (Or make screen captures.)

Turned out that lyrics.ch sends two jar archivers upon request: One that contains a bunch of ".rpf" files, apparently the actual song files, and one that contains the applet code and decoder.

RPFs are just bunch of binary stuff. To decode the stuff, there would be two ways: Cryptanalysis attack (I doubt there's anything hairy involved in this, the package didn't had any RSADareToOpenThisAndYoullDie.class =), or decompiling the applet (javap opened it nicely and produced readable fairly readable stuff... hint hint. =)

I'm too lazy. Plus, everyone knew this already. The rest would be just mathematics (an area in which I'm not really good at).

Uh oh? Well, I'll just say one thing: I'm in Finland, the server says it's in Switzerland (or it used to be there). No DMCA. Or so I've thought. Plus, as I said, this was more like "keep your eyes open and you'll see it" type of realization... =) Lesson learned: In The Web Server Side, Never Trust The Client! Heck, the mod_perl book has a loooong section on why you should be extremely paranoid about your cookies...


And the stranger asked me to make three wondrous things, so I walked to my forge and took my hammer. First, I created magic boots that let the wearer to walk on walls, then I made scissors that would easily cut the chains of a drawbridge of a mighty castle, and then I made a box that had an inexhaustable supply of food. When the stranger returned, he took these three wondrous magic items, and was very pleased.


Did some HTML atrocities (or rather, CSS abuses) for use with bk2site...


Tried to find some OCR software for Linux, but couldn't test it. Reason? Well, a) "Generate database: Take your document, type it in, and generate it with this command - oh, what you mean you won't bother for one text?" b) Tried with example database, but it didn't work because it didn't recognize my PNM file because it was a PNM file. Maybe it should have been a PNM file or something - or perharps even a PNM file. =)


Well, didn't found a cool OCR program so I had to type the dream description in. Only one page, anyway. Enjoy. I wish rieska.oulu.fi would respond, I'd probably have a few more unnoded dreams there...


I tried to find some cool molecule modelling programs for Linux, but I got bored. =( Reason for need? I'm making a coffee-inspired background picture... and need a coffeine model for it, it wouldn't be complete without... =)


If you're wondering what's up with that 16:38 log entry... that's one of the things I feel what I'm doing when I'm noding. I create wondrous things for others to marvel; there's something fairy tale style in it. I just can't explain it well...

Other day logs o' mine...

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