Yesterday, nothing interesting happened, except that my foxy friend Reno Caspain (old E1 user with one writeup) came to E2 - to post dreams. Just What We Need. Some of his dreams are really cool. =)

<h4>... oops, 14:52

Well, today, nothing uninteresting. Uh, I tweaked my WindowMaker theme a bit, and posted about it in newsgroups.

My machine has now an alternate DNS name: - probably because I may get a frigging dynamic IP some day. I've had a static IP for... uh, since 1996. is still black and has a DOOMSDAY CLOCK ON THEIR PAGE! THE END OF THE WORLD IS COMING! Repent your sins! The Armageddon shall begin in the year 2000, as the Phrophets have said!


Welll... After checking out the newsgroups and stuff, I had nothing to do... and because "nothing to do" is generally also entwined with certain kinds of intentions of how to make the state of inactivity (not-doingness) to evolve into state of action, I decided to make use this ocassion of inactivity to enable me to move from state of having not done anything in certain manner to state of having something done in that same manner.

(Yes, this was a Baldrick paraphrasing, from the last Blackadder episode. Though this description is no way better than the mathematical description found in Stephenson's Cryptonomicon.)

In other words, I had TinySex for first time. Harrrrr! I wonder if I have the virgin record of Tapestries MUCK? I got the character in May 1999, and nothing had happened since, until now! =) Should I be proud or something? Who knows? Does it really matter? Duh, I guess not.

Um, was it worth it? Well, I have to say it was the best and probably the most creative three hours I've spent on-line so far... =)


Wonderful! Some of my favorite TV programs are back in TV: Stiller show, Iltalypsy and Uutisvuoto. What else? I'm frigging tired right now. =/

Other day logs o' mine...