Nothing extraordinary, I spent the weekend in Kuhmo again...

Last night, I... umm...

Today, we had some interesting OO stuff.

"Mother is a human; Father is a man..."

- the lecturer's child, deriving subclasses happily =)


Read the newest issue of Pelit magazine (another Read and Play™ session, and article about the Hell's Angels-like background of the FPS clans! =)

Zany Videogame Quotes site (http://macross.simplenet.com/zanyvg/) was mentioned in the mag's "links" page. I wonder someone in Pelit follows Memepool? =)


Welllllll... heard of Steel Panthers: Worlds at War, but it's a bit too huge to be downloaded (even if there are mirrors in Finland!) I hope it's on a cover CD somewhere, or something...


Played Half-Life again. Tried playing MW3 online but Internet Gaming Zone had forgotten me. "Old 'pal', why have you stopped mailing me?" I played Warcraft II there when the IGZ was young; now, after all these years, it had just... forgotten me. =( I created a new user account, and had to spent Too Long Time downloading a patch...

...these modern games require everyone to patch, Warcraft 2 didn't need such fuss...


Another depressing night.

Just... met buddies and some Newbies That Had Started To Annoy Me (such newbies are quite rare =), but ***sigh*** the single person I did really, really care of to meet today didn't even bother to say hi. =(

Baaaad night... =(

Other day logs o' mine...

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