One of the most amazing kooks the Usenet has ever seen - probably not amazing enough to displace John Grubor, but a thing who gained fame fast.

Richard Bullis, aka Richard the Stupid (or RtS) - a name he himself first used, by the way! - originally posted to Usenet in March 1999. He posted a lot, in fact. Actually, his message posting speed was so high that it triggered the anti-spam bot and his massive posting flood (BI of 42.414!) got canceled in March 31.

So what did he do? Well, took that as a Problem. He took that as a Blow against his Freedom of Speech, and thus started his interesting life as an Usenet kook.

Death threats. Trolling in alt.religion.scientology. Sock puppets. Clueless "anonymous posting". Insistence in matters of great non-knowledge of computing and networking - and general manners of behavior. Interesting claims of Computer Guruhood (including a claim that he invented Pong but Radio Shack stole it from him). Screwed-up "hostile JavaScript" page that he unsuccesfully used to keep people from* from his site. Claims of extensive military career in 'nam and ASA (he claimed his rank and service record was classified, but the records obtained had evidence of service of 86 days before discharge). Confirmation and denial of collecting kid pornography. Threatening people who link to his own comments in DejaNews/Google Groups (oh, he apparently got worried about this very writeup too, and various mirrors of CENKOC page (see below) - but he's particularly vengeful toward Taylor "Just Taylor" Jimenez, operator of Everything under the spectrum of Usenet kookery, and then some, all in a relatively short period of time. RtS gained notoriety equal to most of the long-time trolls quite fast, and managed to stay there for quite a while...

The Cabal Network Security (TINC) decided to make him the Clueless Eternal Newbie Kook Of The 20th Century (CENKOC). You can (if the site is up) find a very good page, including bunch of really amazing crap from the guy himself, great parodies by the S.P.(U.T.U.)M. folks, and such, at <>. I'm not sure if the main site is up at the moment, but the FAQ (with links updated to link to Google Groups) can be found from <>.

(Oh yeah, and I think he once replied to my post, too. Weird, that.)