Good morning!


The day didn't start that nicely.

First of all, I slept for too long. again. Maybe there's something wrong with the alarm clocks. I got to start using that mechanical loud monster again if things don't get better.

Secondly, there was an one-second blackout. You know what happens when an UNIX box gets suddently rebooted...

...well, no data loss, everything is still fine. I hope.

Well, soon time to waste the rest of the coffee and go to the university...


'kay... spent time in Usenet and elsewhere telling about my ideas on how the heck to convert ANSI X3.64 codes (aka VT terminal codes, aka ISO DP-6429) to HTML.

Ideas To Stop Boredom: I will need to make - again, just for the heck of it - a toy programming language that is compiled to bytecode. I thought of making it something like Forth...

Got to find information about a Finnish computer language and node about it. It was based on LOGO and the commands were all in Finnish - it was for some personal computer (either IBM PC or Commodore 64).


Got my rump kicked all around the place in Battle.Net... the 0ldbies seem to be particularly whiny about newbies. =(

Oh, and checked out the other chat channels. Infested with spam bots and other crap. Can't Blizzard just kick those out? Do they care?


Brimming with the absent-mindedness:

"A notebook! Thank you, it's a great gift! Now, if I only would remember that I have written something down..."

- Gyro Gearloose

Well, that's what I feel right now... =(

I have noticed one thing: I form habits (or forms of working). Then, these habits are strong. Then, if they're broken, I get severe problems to get doing things like this again.

For example, I haven't written to my real diary since... ummm... April. Thanks to E2, I've kept daylogs - maybe I'll just print all these daylogs and include them to my diary. =) One habit restored. Good.

I wish I would be able to continue some other "good things". Like, playing more net games, keeping notes in notebook (Nokia 9110 Communicator rocks - guess what? I noticed I remember stuff better if I leave the "to-do list" open whenever I close it =)... browsing Velar... umm, all sorts of stuff like this. All interrupted at some point, and ought to be continued.

As I've often said, absent-mindedness kills. =(


Spent 3 hours in IRC with a guy who needed help, and that included 30 minutes of... khm... ::WWWWolf grins feeblely::

Oh well, I need to get up early and so does he. Damn, it's getting late already... I'll call it a day.


::WWWWolf squints and yaaaaaaaaawns::


I know, it's a bit late here.

Reason? Helix Gnome.

I wanted to try out Evolution ('cuz GnomeCal sucks somewhat). Turned out they didn't had a n33t apt-get line for just that program.

So, I downloaded a huge load of .debs. Installed 'em. It complained about dependencies. So I installed even more .debs. And then know what? Well, I had the core of Helix Gnome right here!

The result? Well, several and several megabytes of increased disk usage - all just to get Evolution running?

That's not all. Decided to see if GNOME's session manager would finally cooperate with WindowMaker.

Hell no. Windows kept respawning out of nowhere. In short, conflict with WindowMaker's magnificent SM and GNOME SM. No wonder they call it "SM". Painful experience. What happened to "window manager independence?" I ain't gonna install Sawfish or E, WindowMaker or bust!

Did I mention I have had that session manager problem since they started supporting this "feature"?

nighthowl:~# dpkg -r gnome-session
(Reading database ... 63710 files and directories currently installed.)
Removing gnome-session ...

Ahhhhhhhh... (In GNOME's defense, I must say this: "I wish solving MS product problems would be always that simple!" =)

Well, want my opinions of this magnificent new disk space eater, Evolution?

Well, confusing program. Mostly because it doesn't have a Debian menu entry (No, I don't use GNOME panel).

And when I start it from command line...

nighthowl:~$ evolution

** ERROR **: file dii.c: line 444  (CORBA_Context_set_one_value):
assertion failed: (!"Not yet implemented")

Yes, two and half hours of my life to achieve this message.

This is f*%&#@ing evolution.

Now where did I put my FiloFax...


(Don't get me wrong. I like GNOME and all usable and neat programs they've made, but some things they've made are are just... pathetic. However, I have High Hopes.)

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