"Snoooooow, snooooow, snooooooooooow!"
- Lumilinna ("The Cold Old Times")

Yesterday in Nelonen news a random reporter commented that sometimes "white stuff known as 'snow'" falls from the sky and makes roads the dangerous. I know he was joking, but I'd like to say this one anyway: Bloody southern wimps... =)

Anyway, it snows outside. Interesting. I don't know what to say; all I wish is that the winter would not be too cold!


XFree86 4.0.1 installed!

Some points so far:

  • Installation (xf86cfg) sucked. Dexter (Debian X configurator) was kewl and worked and all that, though.
  • Font stuff sucked. (Needed to rearrange the font lists. Some fonts are huge, some others aren't.)
  • Took a Huge Bunch of disk space. (Nuked at least 100 megs worth of ripped MP3s to make this one fit...)
  • 1280x960x24bpp! Beats the living shit out of 1280x960x16bpp, of course...
  • Tablet doesn't work. (The documentation for Wacom module setup sucks.)
  • Mouse wheel doesn't work. DRATS!

Well, a few problems to be fixed, but so far, it has worked - and that was the Point!


Got the mouse wheel working, cool.

Installing the new version of Tux Racer - though I doubt I'll get it to work in DRI mode with a Ye Olde Kernel of 2.2.14... =)

Damn, the screen still flickers with 4.0.1 (when using ATI Rage 128)...

Other day logs o' mine...

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