I'm baaa-aaaack! Spent a weekend trying to fix Win95 that was just fine when I sent the machine away, but wasn't when it was booted first time in the new location. Got jammed when the desktop had been loaded. Reason? I don't know, and will probably never know. Damn! Maybe no one in MS never thought that Win95 Might Not Like It if several devices (a sound card, SCSI adapter and attached Jaz disk drive, scanner, and stuff like that) disappeared over night...

13:34, Winter Time!

So this is what the Finnish autumn looks like! =)

(Footnote: Actually, I don't even note the changes of seasons often, but this is different. For following reasons...)

I mean... It was just mildly chilly for September and the beginning half of October; Then a week of really heavy rain, and then the snow falls. Interesting! This world will never cease to amaze me.


Guess what? Ran out of disk space at the machine that had my mail... =(

Well, tarballed an year's worth of old messages and spam, and we're alive again.

Scary thought: My firewall setup still uses my static ip, which I don't have because I now have a dynamic one. Crap. Double crap. Triple crap. Quadruple crap. Grrrr. Should nuke proftpd and close the PostgreSQL TCP/IP port. NOW.


I got a copy of local edition of PC Gamer, and it had a cover CD that had... MechWarrior 4 intro video.

I mean... that thing was sweeeeeeet. =)


Did all sorts odd stuff. Like ported a huge pile of JavaScript to Perl, making the life of client side a lot easier. I hope. (The code is at http://www.WolfSex.org/, but it won't work. Yet. I need URI.pm there, too...)


OK, did some ego surfing, and guess what?

Google is indexing E2. So where do you think all zilliards advertised Google-indexed pages came from? Yeah, you guessed - from E1 and E2! Under different domain names, too! Dammit, Everything2 should set up a robots.txt. Or something. Or at least tell Google how to map node titles to node=Title+of+node, because if it indexes it all a la node_id=xxxxx&lastnode_id=xxxxx (with different lastnode_id) every time, we're speaking of severe spamdexing!!!

Well, look at the brighter side, though... Google has the long-awaited-for node body search =)

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