Hmm hmm hmmm...

Strange TV program thing last night: On MTV3, 22:30: The X-Files, episode titled "Millennium", and 23:25: Millennium. =)

I made my own personal record... It was over 5 o'clock in the morning before I finally slept. What the hell they put into coffee these days if one cup keeps me awake for over 6 hours? =)

Well, I got the Schedulist's table creation routine to actually work last night, at least to some extent. First, I hated myself for not writing Readable Code... and when I sat down and read the code, I understood again how it worked!



I made an interesting discovery: I commented out the MRU/MTU settings from my /etc/ppp/options and the Inttter net thingy started working MUCH faster. I got over 12 kbytes/second from (with 2-channel ISDN) when I downloaded the newest Mozilla.

  • Cool about the new mozilla: Apparently the bookmarks work a bit better.
  • Bad about the new mozilla: Now the "modern" skin seems to have this f&#%@&ng "candy" progress bar. I Don't Like It Very Much.


Oh, yeah, forgot to add... I had a haircut today. Just what I need to scare my grandmother. Next summer, even more so, for the Hedgehog shall Crawl from the Den. =)

Well, umm... I just spent some time fixing the Script-FU page once again. Homepage has now more links. I wish the redirection would get updated soon...


I want a SuperCPU. I really, really do.


Just as no one probably already noticed, my home node now reads I'm an Artisan. Woe upon my soul.

Anyway... I'm probably too "old" to node about noding, but I'm telling ya something. My noding history shows I mostly node about ideas and things. I ocassionally node about persons, and rarely about places.

What does this tell about me? Probably that I'm a geek who doesn't go out too much, but at least knows someone. Or maybe not. Maybe I just use the word "stuff" too much, and use the brains producing nothing. =)

Other day logs o' mine...

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