My last night's masterpiece:


Some Terragen, some Blender, some GIMP. I was inspired by the last night's illuminative discoveries about Microsoft...


Whoa! I just won Pick Up The Phone Booth And Die... It was actually a lot easier game than I thought =) =)

I haven't beaten text adventures for a loooong time... maybe I should finish writing that epic furry text adventure someday?


The... darkness... the... darkness...


I tried to get to sleep at around midnight, but "tiger can't lose its stripes"... I got a great idea to overcome the lack-of-raw-mode-in-Java thing, and downloaded Jasmin (Java bytecode assembler) and perljvm (that didn't work because I don't have a freshish Perl). Guess what the latter were for.

Anyway, then I decided to nuke Perl 5.004 that was still sitting at my HD; and I noticed liburi-perl, and thought, "my, just the functions that I need!" and went happily to update my fakelinker script.

Duh, it's 2 o'clock in the night... I should really start paying attention to Times When I'm Supposed To Be Asleep. Dammit, I'm more creative (and more depressed, sadly) in the night, it seems...

Other day logs o' mine...

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