Nothing highly alarming has happened so far. I had some dreams, but damn me if I can remember anything...

Well, the weekend was funnier than what it seemed like. Surprising. =)


This writeup is at -2? OK, maybe I'll add some emphasis to this, just to make the point:

(To be continued...)


Patience, folks, do you really think I can node that much when it's daytime?


I made a RGRNCA strike when a d00d came to ask for "hacking help" in rec.games.roguelike.nethack. We don't want that kind of crap there, as you may guess. Dammit, I haven't made a decent RGRNCA strike since... August something? Can't even remember.

s0 d00dZ, H3r3s SuM InF0rMaShUn On HoW T0 FiNd 31337 HaX0r SiT3z!

/bin/echo -ne 'GET /search?q=elite+hax0r+sites HTTP/1.0\n\n' | \
    nc www.google.com 80 | \
    perl -ne 'if(m%<a href="?(http://[^">]+)"?>%i) { print $1,"\n"; }'

...neat script, dedicated for all script kiddies in the existence =)

(-3? Yeah, yeah, whining isn't fun to listen to, but still, it isn't a nice thing to do...)


Kuro5hin.org had a story comment that said a naughty word about E2, so I just had to tell that a) E2 has been helpful, and b) damn, people have lost the faith on The Better Tomorrow. Be positive, folks.


Usenet done, mail done, did a lot of K5 posting in general. Hmmmm... what next? Go to the Town?


Bashed through Velar. Some great works of art. =) Mortar-bombed the clown who clowned around in the r.g.r.n.

I actually tried the script above and found out about a security site with certain sort of attitude: http://www.antioffline.com/ ... =)


Just casual bullshitting in #gimp...

I beefed up Mozilla a bit by Making Better Settings. It's now working, decently. Not perfectly, but definitely good enough for casual use.

And sometimes Way Cooler than Netscape. The font size menu options actually work. One site I visit doesn't work at all in Netscape, but works in Mozilla.

Funny bit: I originally wrote "I'm seriously starting to like Mozilla" to this message box, and guess what happened? Mozilla crashed... Such a modest program, blushes completely when I say good things about it.

Maybe I should make a "Red Army Kompass" icon for Mozilla.

Oh, and thanks to people who upvoted me from that -3 swamp. I was just the first time I've seen such low scores. Maybe this node actually has some meaning right now.

Wolf Out. No much actual noding left for today.

Other day logs o' mine...

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