(A lonely LCD display glitters in the user settings panel:)

You are ignoring: ...


No I'm not.

(The wolf paws around and types stuff to the panel, and pulls the door open.)

*Click* *Zzzzzzwhoomp* *Blinkblinkblink* Right, so this is where it all happened...

Wonder if this old search box still works.



I'm hoping I will be staying here just as much as earlier. The reasons for my recent absence were wide enough:

  1. The summer vacation. You know, I have this stupid mental condition: If I ever quit doing something for a while, I have severe problems getting up to speed again later on.
  2. The studies. Studies continue. I need to do two more course assignments before Oct 31, so don't expect me to be here at full speed. But I have to try!
  3. Wasting time on other sites. There are no words that describe how bored I am. At least in E2 I can waste a lot of time and learn cool stuff. This is interesting stuff!

I hear people have missed me. I'm sorry, I have been busy. My apologies. I honestly try to do stuff on this site more often now. I can't believe I did three writeups during last two months and one was a dream log! You know, computer stuff makes me feel like an old man ("170 kb per floppy, uphill in snow both ways! And we liked it!") but I refuse to believe it's also making me senile...

I also noted people have left E2 meanwhile. *sigh* I can't describe what I feel. All I can say is that I'm feeling dustier and dustier. I'm still, as ever, the guy who sits on the chair in the library while people come and go. I'm observing, the world changes.

But I will node again.