Okay, I hope this won't suck... I have higher hopes. I won't be around in some other news sites today. The reason? Same as why I had negative karma in Slashdot once. "Damn it, I made a mistake!"


New version of xawtv is now installed... and AVI recording at 25 fps + sound still doesn't seem to work. =(

Oh, and I almost forgot: I helped Reno_Fox to get to the MUCKs yesterday. He learned fast... =)


Yes, I'm alive... The only gripe is that I installed the "Normal" setup of S:TW, and the damn thing didn't work any better... I'm starting to Truly Hate Windows 98.

Again noded about some really random things. Fonts and stuff. Hmph.

nApsT3red a bunch of songs.


Dammit! I shouldn't just go to the lectures to sleep... I missed one Cuol UML Quitz™. Grrr...

You feel foolish! You haven't been paying attention.--More--

So, now I have to either take the Really Tough Exam® or make the Dreaded 10-Page Essay®. Grrrrr.


Holy Damn... another heresy: I switched from sirc to x-chat...

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: Microsoft TrueType core fonts for the web x height passive smoking