Yay! I could actually remember dreams this time, even if it wasn't much... =)

Well, I hope this day will actually Bring Interesting Things. Last night was fun. Victories in battlefield and all that.

Dammit, Mozilla's forms seem to have broken over the night. Odd, that... I didn't touch it.


Well, uh, nothing works. Nothing. Nothing... Not even Mozilla upon closer inspection.

I guess I was once again too optimistic. I've been behaving like an idiot recently...

It's not that I could do, er, smart things. It's just that I screw everything up once I try...

And what's worse? I'm actually optimistic. This makes me try nevertheless, making me to screw up even more and even more often.

Why? Why?...


::WWWWolf sighs.::

First, I spent a hour playing Shogun - Total War. Guess what? It's goddamnedly slow.. You heard. It's so slow it's actually making me quite annoyed. I downloaded a patch, but it didn't help at all.

In this time, I played grand total of 0 turns. "Yes, I moved the mouse pointer 20 pixels right, now why are you reading terabyte of stuff from hard drive, may I ask?"

The machine has 128 megs of memory, game requires 64. It can't be a swap problem. I have a 600 MHz processor, the game requires a 300 MHz processor. Can't be a processor issue, either.

Re: yesterday: If you say "then don't install the 'Minimum' setup", well, all I have to say in my defense is that during these "slow" moments, the game loads stuff from hard drive. The CD-ROM drive has spun down. Ergo, it's no use to install more of the stuff to HD, it will be read from there anyway.

I suspect it's an OS problem...

I can't understand why the heck Win98 stinks this much! I mean, my PIII-600 runs like snail. There's got to be something wrong in the OS...

...is there any way of telling Win98 that "no, that hard disk drive isn't there, pay no attention?" I have had this slowness problem since I installed the second hard disk (6.5 GB disk that has nothing but the Linux partitions).

This slowness is so incredible, and combined with the some uncool problems with IE5... I'm actually now starting to lose my faith on MS' chances completely. I mean, not even Microsoft can publish crap like this!

::WWWWolf sighs even deeper::

I rarely rant about Microsoft's drivel, but this time I had to. I have had enough depressing stuff already today, this one was BAAAAAAD...


* WWWWolf starts GIMP first time with the
           MS core fonts installed, and... 

Che asked me to test new GIMP Debian packages... yeah, they work (started up, no complaints except that binary had moved so I needed to change the binary location), but my GTK+ settings leave a lot to be desired.

The reason? Well, my GTK+ settings had "use Arial for everything" in it. I didn't even remember that - once, I installed X TrueType server, put that .gtkrc declaration there, and then didn't get to install the fonts so "debugging" that setting was not exactly finished - well, now I have the fonts and No, My Choice Wasn't Cool.

Well, it was ONLY Arial at big ugly size of 16pt... next time, I'll use Comic Sans, goddamn it. j/k...

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