Friday the 13th, Full Moon
(great day for werewolves! =)


Nothing odd has happened... yet... =)

Well... woke up. shower. coffee.

Stuff to do: I have an idea about an article to send to K5... but I'll node about it too. It's about one interesting principle I've noticed. (Actually, when I first mentioned it, people put that to their .signatures... strange, that, I though I sometimes say something fairly quotable but that was the first time it actually happened. =)

Wellwell, time to face the challenges of the day.


In Usenet, someone posted about a problem with a CGI program that printed the source of a file.

Written by a beginner coder... I hope they'll either take the script offline or make it work better. Someone may be helding their /etc/passwd for ransom, in case that'll make them working harder to achieve that goal... =)

I bought a new game: Shogun - Total War. It's, uh, cool. It's not your average boring RTS - it has the twist.

(Strange, I just cooled DMan's writeup about S:TW. Shows he wrote good stuff, too. =)



Yesterday, all I got was spam and mailing list traffic...

Today: 6 spamules, some mailing list things, and 6 personal E-mails! Looks like people haven't completely forgotten about me...


Dammit! I got to

  • Play some N...n...nnn... Nethack. Maybe that is a Requirement. I mean, FullMoon+Ft13th is pretty interesting idea.
  • Some more Shogun... I'll see if there are patches that would make it stop less to load stuff from hard disk. =) (No, I don't think it's because of 'Minimal' install, because the stuff gets loaded from hard drive, not CD-ROM!)
  • Uh, I downloaded Terragen too. Got to see if it's worth anything...

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: Boxman /etc/passwd Terragen