Well, didn't had a that great morning.

I had an interesting dream, and remembered a lot of it when I woke up. Then I fell asleep again. And forgot the dream, of course. Hmph.

Well well.

Last night I set up my web camera Coolly (it now actually displays me from a better position - connected via VCR). I had severe "Am I really that fat and odd?" feelings, until I realized that xawtv grabs have incorrect aspect ratio... =)

And I updated the YiffCam™ software so that it grabs the image as pnm, then adds the stuff to the image, and blasts it to the user as JPEG. This way, the image quality ***SOARS***.

Or, at least, in theory. Gd library messes up (technically speaking, dithers) the image palette... I've got to use ImageMagick instead for all this crap.

Also, the only format Gd library and bttvgrab can understand is JPEG... so I need to use ImageMagick anyway in the middle to convert the image to PNG in the middle and load it with newFromPngData() (or whatever it's called).


Again, some blackout of the Net. Meanwhile, I hacked the YiffCam™ to work with ImageMagick. Or, at least mosly. PerlMagick module doesn't have much documentation, and the SilkScreen font wasn't here yet.


OK, now YiffCam™ uses only ImageMagick. Regrettably, font rendering doesn't work the way it's supposed to work... Damn!

And of course ImageMagick doesn't have GIMP's "Video" plugin capabilities...


OK, now I have the Microsoft core fonts working in Mozilla. A random observation: Scrolling through a LONG font list in Mozilla preferences dialog is, hm, pain...

...hey, now I, too, can see all of the k3wl h0me s1tez that use Comic Sans MS in full "glory"! =)

"Humor Without", indeed. =)

Other day logs o' mine...