Okay, I admit it: I woke up late, once again. Reason today? Well, I got a great idea last night when I couldn't sleep.

The idea involved XEmacs and MULE (ie, "How To Input Russian Without Blowing Your Fuses"). Regrettably, XEmacs seems to demand ISO 8859-5 fonts, and I only have KOI-8R fonts. Damn to the sixth power.

Well, I hope things will start running today... =)

Time to drink some Serious Coffee ("What are the foxes doing in the den? Drinking coffee, of course!"), then shower and to the university.


Hooooooboy. Stuff Has Happened, Now.

Just a note: alt.fan.dragons has turned completely unreadable by now, at least for me. They used to get (back when I was active in the group) get around 120 articles per day. Guess what? Recently, they have got up to 570 articles a day! Sorry, that's something I can't keep up with... the article flood has forced me to lurk.


Mozilla-bin: gopher is not a registered protocol


O tempora, o mores. Well, the original Gopher client is now under GPL, I use it instead to get to Wiretap...


Browsed through a huge heap of newspapers (yes, I haven't read those newspapers for over a month). Watched Lexx.


Why I feel that I'm... inadequeately informed? I'm information hungry. I need to tell about it later. Now.... I need to go...


Updated my bio, so it's a bit shorter. A bit. Also learned the true editor's version control stuff a bit... C-u C-x v v lets me to select the version number, cool! Just what I needed...

Speaking of home nodes, have I told you how much I like Bones' home node picture? =)

Well, soon time to go to bed... dammit, I have been overproductive recently.

Other day logs o' mine...

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