Oh god damn I hate this. Alarm clock rang at 9:00 or so. I got up at 11:15. Grrr. /methinks I should go to sleep earlier or something, and stop noding Pokémon at the night... =)

Well, at least it seems it isn't raining today...


I bought one book - "UML Distilled", by Martin Fowler. Seems like a decent book.

Onward, to the Usenet!


A random realization:

Real Web Designers die when they're 40 years 5 months (40.4 years) old.



Time to panic!

Now, I'm supposed to make a review of a learning environment called Profiler and compare it to Telsi Pro, the thing we're using now for this digital media course.

The problem number 1: They haven't given me a password yet.

The problem number 2: Excercise deadline is in Thursday.

Well, I guess I need to just read the documentation and tell about the differences based on that...


Woohoo. Got the Flash plugin to work in Mozilla.

I read two chapters from the UML book. Cool. This is a cool book. Go read it. I mean it. =)


There are no black helicopters. Those are submarines. Don't ask me how they got those to fly, though.

Other day logs o' mine...

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