"And tomorrow, exam in L4..."


Well, fortunately I remembered that my OO design exam is in mid December... =)

OK, I had another dream about Everythingians. Weird. Really weird.

I'm now bashing through news, more stuff to come later...



It was raining today. Again.

As soon as the winter came it went. Well, I hope the winter will come back and we'll get a white Christmas or something... =)


OK, after last night's stuff, I'll propose some new tags. These would be temporary node flags (except for C! and K!)

C! - Cool!
The writeup has worthy content.
K! - Kewl!
Not quite worhy of C!, but so good that mere upvote isn't enough.
S! - Sucks! or Slap!
"Hey noder! Take a look at this, this isn't up to quality standards." Will be only usable on writeups of negative rep and only after the user has voted. Reverts after the writeup gets 0 or better reputation.
J! - I'm Jealeous!
For levels 1-3 only. This is sort of like S! but used in trollish sense. On positively repped writeups only, reverts if J!-slapper (ever) gets to level 3.
W! - Wrong!, F! - Funny, P! - Plain Silly (or Python!)

Just some examples. OK, now this writeup deserves that P!...


Grr. Bloody Nazis. Why they had to make so scary things that people still get creeps over 50 years later?

I read denying the holocaust node, went to the referenced Nizkor page, and guess what? Now I'm so scared I can't sleep!

Too bad I don't have an equally horrifying horror movie to get me thinking of other stuff. I will need to see The Blair Witch Project (I'll go to see Scary Movie in Wednesday and Blair Witch 2 is coming in near future...)

Too bad I didn't tape Where Eagles Dare...

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: Dream Log: November 6, 2000 StarFox 64 Plush Toys (yeah, it's silly... sorry...) Lickitung Sushi-go-round Paras Onix Scyther
Updated: Vulpix Ninetales Starmie (E2 Pokedex just got a more logical look so links to it needed to be updated...)
Nukerequested: A poll node about how did I learned about E2...