I saw the second Pokémon movie... Not bad, not bad at all - though it still doesn't qualify as a great animation... =)

I enjoyed it more than the the first movie because the opening part wasn't as boring as the opening clip of the first... I mean, it was still kind of dumb, but less dumb than the first - plus, it had actually amusing parts. The movie itself was spectacular, but not too complicated.

Oh, and one thing that saved my day: Wild Vulpixes! =)

I got two promo cards too...


I got a load of spam and no one still hasn't written to me... =(

Well, the spam was kind of amusing, though. Some pr0n spammer said he had met me in "chat room" and such, and put my picture to a pr0n site.

"live, nude, barely legal young girls" site. That's right.

I seriously doubt my picture (if they did got one, which I seriously suspect didn't happen) ended up there - or, it may have been, if the spammers are both stupid and blind (the first is probably true nevertheless).

"See WWWWolf, the skinny ugly geekette... oops! geek, sorry..."

Somehow, this scenario doesn't really make me trust the pr0n page webmasters a single bit more. =) =) =)


Call me boring and grumpy, but I just downvoted Realistic Cyber-Sex, cybersex gone wrong and Bad Cybersex. I mean, it was remotely (VERY remotely) funny the first time I read it (in 1997 or something), but reading three copies of the same in E2 is kind of... boring.

Okay, I'll promise I won't whine about duplicate nodes too much any more - but seeing three copies of same old story just too much... all too much...

Kids: stay sharp when you node old jokes, and pick titles carefully. See if someone had the same idea if it's possible...


Hello, blue world... =) I switched back to classic theme water settings. Strange, I used the goth theme for one day and I already got sort of used to it. But my eyes will hurt for long time, that's sure! =)


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I released the emacs lisp version of Mortar. Something odd and something weird and something truly unimpressive. And stuff. God damn it, I can't even think straight anymore. Hmph. Nerves.


I wish someone would really mail me.


I hate spam.

I hate spam.

I hate spam.

No, i don't say that I hate spam, just that I hate spam. =) Spammers, please die. I really don't need any more spam, for God's sake.. I could really use some mail from real people, not some emotionless programs.

OK, this was my tired thought of the day. Be sure to check today's User Friendly. That's got a point.

Maybe I should go to sleep or something.

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