Some recent ups and downs of noding:

Noding the homework?

Been a few days off E2 to work on some course work. I wrote (well, summarized and combined at this phase) a text about Aldus Manutius and made a layout for it, with images and stuff. I hope I'll expand that a bit soon; it might be pretty good node material.

(Should node about Scribus too...)

E2 not being respected

Some months ago or so I referred to my writeup at Buache Map in Slashdot... and the readers completely ignored it. Do we have a credibility problem? Or does this old writeup just plain suck? =)

I loved the reply I got, I believe this could be called "The Library of Alexandria Argument": "The Library of Alexandria probably had some earlier works that the mapmakers used as a reference, and since the library is gone you cannot check this assertion either?" (Very good argument. I just suspect the ancient library didn't have documents that dated back millions of years...)

The mythical "importance" of people

A cowardly anonymous E2 editor, whom I dearly respect in this decision (while I disagree with the reasoning), nuked my short and relatively contentless writeup about Sami Sihvonen, with a note "please don't node unimportant people like this". (Apparently this didn't get past the gods without some frowns. There is some justice in the world.)

I'm sure mr. Sihvonen would be extremely thrilled to know that in the big world he's considered "unimportant". =)

Yeah, the node was from E1, it was short, and completely failed to tell exactly how important person Sihvonen is/was. The funny thing is, I thought of making a new writeup about him, a loooong story on how mr. Sihvonen has annoyed and cheered up Usenet (You know, good trolls are very hard to find these days, especially ones that dare to go on about it under their real names =) - but when I tried to write stuff up, I couldn't come up with anything good. And I was the one that collected tons of information of him in one file a few years ago! Crazy, huh? Maybe mr. Sihvonen really is unimportant =)

I think he's nodeworthy, though. More so than some obscure Americans. =) Maybe I'll make a better writeup, even if he's threatening to put a lawyer to my letter box... or not. Remains seen, and I think I'll finish that writeup about Aldus Manutius first. As sure as hell I use more of good ol' Aldus' ideas and things than I explore the philosophy put forth by mr. Sihvonen =)