Damn, will I ever learn to wake up in finite time??? =)

Today I "woke up" at nine or so. Fired up the HTCPCP-incompliant k0ff33 m8kR. Fell asleep again. Woke up at 11 or so. I'll never learn to go to sleep early enough...

Today's stuff: I got to start the Java stuff finally (will be piece of cake to implement, though), I'll also see if I'd be able to see some movies.


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Please go and sign a petition for preserving Deja as it is, because it was once the greatest Usenet news archive and, I hope, it really should be that in the future...


Why? It's part of Usenet history. Heck, in part, it has the Usenet history. "Those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it..."



Checked out what the "updated" excercise page says. Good news.

The excercise topic: "Text menus."

  • No need to implement terminal control and key reading (not part of Java library, would require native methods). I can drop one class hierarchy from the model (Terminal and its subclasses.)
  • Fixed maximum size of the menus is 10 entries. No need to implement a linked list structure either, and there's no need for a strange UML interreference thing either...

My class diagram will become smaller, and same will happen to the program and implementation pressures... =)

Plus, I have a lot of time - deadline is in May 2001 or so...


Okay, I'm just cutting and pasting from Advogato, but I don't feel like making a more complicated explanation here...

1, 2, 3... ... 9, 10. Phew. I'm feeling better. Or not.

::sighs:: I'll never become a good coder!

I'm declaring the status of Schedulist (http://www.saunalahti.fi/~wwwwolf/code/util/schedulist.html) officially Hopeless™. Why? Well, excuse for unacceptable language: I have no ****ng idea what is wrong!

If you think you can bang some Clue to my thick head, PLEASE help. This program is driving me nuts.

But beware: The original script is actually a lot more complicated than this, it uses insane syntax to do really funky HTML tables. I'm actually proud of that, in a rather pervert way. =) The new version is mostly "cut and paste from original and put some variable names there that actually make sense - and interpolating variable names is verboten!" The code should work at least to some extent. It just doesn't!

On the "This may actually even work"® side, I'm... (not that) proud... to present some POP3-related scriptlets. Those are available at my utilities page.


::WWWWolf sinks to the corner::

(Dammit, I can't code myself out of a paper bag... All I can make is a big bunch of scriptlets that do trivial things. I'm like those robots: I can only "go left", "go right" and "build car". And everyone can make a car???)


Hax0red some web stuff once again. Looks like I can't make a simple web-interface-DynDNS updater to work afterall...

I can't believe it - they're showing Die Hard with Vengeance in TV. Again...


::WWWWolf sighs deep::


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