Okay, I admit it - I definitely have problems with getting up early, and I really need to work on that. This is, generally speaking, ruining everything!

I need to... well... do something.

Okay, since nothing has happened today - again - I need to make something to happen now =)

Last night... well, I fell asleep, having some you-know-what-kind-of thoughts of some of my dear friends and remembering a few nightmare themes from previous nights. (one involved Gigerian stuff, or rather stuff that would clearly inspire him, about factories and deep wells full of diseases).

I had a dream of some sort, but I can't remember it. Damn!

Time to face the challenges of the day.


There was a beautiful blue moment outside, I was glad I had the camera handy =)

I also figured out how to script file transfers over ssh so that it won't ask passwords. ssh-keygen is cool.


Whee, somehow the usage of my webcam seems to have increased after putting it to the registry... =)


Here I am, useless as ever.

Had a "moment" with someone, then watched Lexx and went to IRC. God I'm useless.

Oh, and as idicated, my domain is now nighthowl.dyndns.org. There was nothing wrong with the penguinpowered.com name, just that updates of this domain can be scripted...

Other day logs o' mine...

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