How my weekend was? Well, I'll tell later.


So I'm back. Stressed. I just had to stay home today, because otherwise I would have had a Severe Problem With Stress.

So, um, here I am again, back as back can be.

More to be told later, I now need to see what's up in the Usenet.

I'd need a weekend to rest after a weekend... =)


OK, here I'm downloading new version of gnapster...

Anyway, the weekend stuff: I was in Kuhmo. The cellphone will be sent to be fixed (I hope). I upgraded my mother's computer to have Debian 2.2 (instead of 2.1).


Making GUI-Addicted Users To Cooperate.

My sister had got the new Zelda game, I downloaded her a related WindowMaker desktop theme from - and LinuxFox theme for myself... =)


All this death and sorrow makes me unhappy.

It's a feeling that's really hard to describe - mostly because I should first tell who is dying and where's the sorrow.

Death walks among us. Millions of throats cry in agony tonight.

The world is not a nice place to be.

But should I care? Shouldn't I just try - doing my own part - to make this world a better place?

Start today. (I'd better keep doing that, because it's not a good day to be depressed. =)


Watched TV. Before that, did some Perl hacking... looks like this script has conquered me. It seems that it has become too complicated for me or anyone else to comprehend. It's just... too hard.



Yessssss. Satama Interactive has fired the US manager and sunk hard in the stock market. Death to the makers of crappy web pages! =)



Mozzilla Beekmörx Werk Aftöral. Aiyayhayhayyyyyyep!

Sorry, I'm just boundlessly... confused. Damn! I wish more stuff would actually work the way I want it to work. For example, GIMP tablet stuff is still broken (reportedly fixed in next rel, though).

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: mtools wmppp