Well, umm, last night I got certified at Apprentice level in Advogato.

Small wondering that I've been wondering about, regarding that one and the other things: I've been coding for a small eternity, I've been playing games for small eternity, yet I feel like I'm not really good at either - or anything, for that matter. Why? Am I doomed to be a newbie for the rest of my life?

Dammit, I'm at level 7 and I still feel like Just Like Your Average Noder, no one important.

I'm not Great at anything. I wish I would be. I'm not whining, but I... I'd need to. I don't like the idea I do nothing well.


Did three digital media excercises. Well, two, actually, because the new learning environment (called "Profiler") is apparently lazy when handing out new passwords...

The first excercise: Did some funny diagrams. The second: a few hundred PHP lines. Guess which took more time... =)

Other day logs o' mine...

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