"Hax0rz attacked Battle.net! Due to this, there has been a performance decrease..."

Now that's the lamest excuse EVER for battle.net lag... Shame on you, Blizzard... =)

Hmm, I'm hungry...


::sigh:: Life often stinks, but I'll go onward through the fog...

Well, if there's anything I could say:

MGS's sneaking bg music is great when reading news and stuff. Not intrusive or something. Perfect background music... =)


Cellphone CPR:

My Nokia 9110 boots. Kickass. (Pun unintentional, word choice intentional.)

PDA side works. Apparently no data loss.

When I put the SIM card in, however, and start the cellphone side, it seems to get Truly Nasty. Discharge battery, Recharge, boot with no SIM - works again. Screwy, huh?

About 500 kb of memory used. Should I just back it up, reformat and see if it boot - or Clean The Hell Out Of SIM Card or something? (Excorcising unintentional.)


Ahh f****.



I've never ever wanted to say a bad word about Nokia's phones, but 9110 works WAY too badly for its price class.

  • Some crashes every now and then for whatever silly reason.
  • No Linux synchronization/backup software (that would actually work - there's unofficial software that works somewhat, but not enough!
  • Doesn't support open formats (ie, can't export calendar data in vCalendar format or phone book as vCard...)
  • SMS message management is BOGUS with capital B and everything. Each message is stored to separate file. Max 160 characters to files (of ~512 byte clusters?) that have separate time stamp; for sent messages recipient's name or such information is not stored, and received SMS messages are named uninformatively (sender #1, sender #2, and so on).
  • The official software for Windows sucks. Transmission clogs. Plus there's no way to preserve dates; makes archiving SMS messages impossible...
  • Of course, the troubleshooting manual is not quite detailed enough.

That's the kind of bad sides I've been seeing of 9110... I've been thinking of selling this one and getting Palm and an used, "less complex" cellphone. =)

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