Last night I played MGS 'til 3:30... =) Cool game. Really cool.

It has many deliberate breaks of immersion, which is kind of interesting. I always find it interesting when the characters (in fiction in general - books, movies and so on) "speak to the reader".

(Discussion from my memory, not exact:)

Solid Snake: So what's [Meryl's] frequency?

DARPA guy: It's... uh... I can't remember.

Snake: Damn!

DARPA guy: But it must be printed on the back of the CD cover!

I first thought "What, does Snake have a CD-ROM somewhere?" but then I realized it referred to the CD-ROM cover that I had on desk in front of me... =)


Dealing with Spam:

Dear Onliner...

How they dare to call me an one-liner. *BOOM*

::reloads the assault rifle with more 7.65mm:s::

From the direction of ICANN, new domains: .aero, .coop...

The chickens are coming!

The chickens are coming!

First Chicken Run, and then this! Looks like the chickens are planning a glorious counterstrike against the furries and all the foxes of furrydom... RUN! Run for your lives!



I updated Aroo! (the linklist on my home page), experienced some level of sugar intoxication (too much Earl Grey with way too much sugar =) and such. Nothing interesting. Nothing interesting at all.


Ahhh, screw it. You won't be seeing myself online tonight - I'm going to play MGS. I've been always to same places every night, tonight will be a bit different, no chat, just action... =)

Other day logs o' mine...

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