::yawn:: Good morning.

Not much stuff happening yet, as usual, I wish that Cool Stuff will happen, though!

Like, a new release of Schedulist or something. Kewl Perl for Folks™...

I must also figure out the requirements for Linux kernel 2.4... if there's any new software I should install, and so on.


Is this reverse paranoia or something? It's not that I would not trust anyone, because I do; It's just that it seems to me no one trusts me! =/


Bashing through Usenet.

Here's an idea for newsreader coders: slrn's scoring system is fairly kewl, but I would also need a "Good Poster / Bad Poster" markers. For example, if there's a someone I disagree with to really large extent, I'd just mark the fellow as "Bad Poster" and hir name would appear on the article list with different color. And, if there's someone I respect a lot, I'd just mark it "Good Poster" and that'd also change colors.

Currently, all I can do is score up a bit or score down a bit - both of which are fairly confusing because I don't want the "respect" to affect article sorting and automagical marking-as-read...

Maybe I'll just need to tune the slrn configuration. =)


Soon through this stuff.

Need to print some old excercises, then head home and code the damn thing through... and filter some small excercises into the side of the Reality. =)


...and guess if any of that happened? Catshit.

I spent the evening documenting and "improving" Schedulist. The bloody thing won't work! I'm starting to hate Perl references. And the debugger. Are there any better Perl debuggers out there?

[Note: My rant on Why Perl Debugger Sucks: I can't quite say 'l some/file/thatllbeneeded.pm' and then 'b whateverline' - I can only do that to files that are explictly loaded. I load modules through eval. So sue me. Feel free to flame if you feel it's a Bad Idea™.]

Other day logs o' mine...

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