A legendary Finnish TV series, by Markus Kajo, shown on Finnish TV2.

The program's main content was humorous home videos from all over the world; Most of the videos came from USA, but also many came from other countries, such as Austria. In the end of the show's era, they also showed many, many clips from Finland. Often, a music track - more or less appropriate to the content of the videos - was added.

This wasn't unusual, because similiar programs are out there (and YLE probably got the material from producer of similiar programs); Kajo did, however, have a good way of commenting the home videos in general, and also told more of the funny stories he had in mind.

Kajo's own favorite clip was of a raccoon who did an amazing Jarre act with a garden water sprinkler...

(Random quote: "Sometimes I'm afraid to think that that nation has a nuclear weapon." =)