Last night noded something about web browsers and stuff. Those are listed in the previous day log.

And folks, if you're depressed, reading the nodes that are linked to from man's inhumanity to man and sins of the world is not going to make you feel better. (The reason for reading about topics like this was that there was discussion in Kuro5hin about the Execution Tapes.)

...IF you're depressed, go read something like this one. That, with cdr (too much Lisp recently) and watching Starship Troopers movie, helped a bit to forget all the grim and brutal stuff I had read about. Movie violence always beats real violence. =)

Yeah, I spent all of my votes yesterday, and no votedumping. =)

Today? Nothing yet. Stuff to come.



This stuff is mind-blowing. Mind-blowing. Mind-blowing. Mind-blowing. Did I say this was mind-blowing? Sorry, I meant mind-BLOWING!


Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: chat room Disturbing Search Requests VideoCD