Yesterday wasn't highly interesting. I tried to write a conspiracy theory, but I couldn't quite get to the "conspiracy" part...

There's something in CD-Rs that troubles me. (Or, rather, should trouble me if I would be paranoid, but I'm not paranoid so I'm not troubled.)

Also, I was in IRC... tried to make an irssi theme of my own (sirc-lookalike with colors) but I didn't get too far.

Today... nothing yet.



Some documentation done. Some new nodes out there. ::yawns even more widely::

To do: I need to make a new news server to work better (hopefully loses count less easily than leafnode...)


So, two days after the birthday... I thought it'd be good to get myself some presents too. I bought a random DVD - The Terminator special edition, to be specific.

Crazy Idea of the Day: Since the Terminator, like Bender, runs on Mostech 6502 processor, maybe I should copy the code displayed on the movie and optimize it. Then, I might need to talk with James Cameron about these. ("Hi! I'm WWWWolf, the evil twin of the Comic Book Guy. I would like to discuss..." =)

Speaking of Terminator series - I recently noticed interesting, somewhat speaking thing from T2's end... I'll write about it later. (Though, I guess my radical ideas about machine emotions have already occurred to others. =)

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: libpr0n BAIR Kickstart ROM

Updated: Amiga Forever

Yesterday's belated news: hugspam .newsrc