Today's stuff: Not Much, as of yet... trying to produce documentation.

Last night: Watched rest of Titanic. Oh dear, did it really have this huge, huge amount of syrup? Scary, truly scary. =)


...producing documentation with StarOffice is pain compared to LyX, I've noticed...

I mean, LaTeX handles all diagrams and images and cross-references automagically, but StarOffice needs a lot more manual formatting. Plus, sometimes it's rather complicated - LyX "expects" less and is more "automatical". And StarOffice is BIG.

(You know what to do to above, if we're talking about MS stuff: s/StarOffice/Word/g;)


Spent past hours replying to Usenet stuff. And it's 10 o'clock soon already... Some jobs are time-demanding. =(


Well, this was a sort of a busy day - but I think I'm happy with the nodes I did today (that BattleMech node is, I think, okay).

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: turtle Elemental BattleMech MFD

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